Five Tips to Help Restaurants Master Social Media

Five Tips to Help Restaurants Master Social Media

Your starters are succulent, your deserts are delectable and your wine selection is simply heavenly. There’s just one problem: people don’t know your restaurant exists.

Fear not, as here at Thynk Social, we understand not every chef or restauranteur knows their way around social channels like they do the kitchen. We’ve put together five tips on how restaurants can use social media effectively.

1. Inspire Customers With Good Images

How often do you browse sweet treats, fast food options or new restaurants on social media? If you are in the millennial or Gen Z age range, chances are you’ve gone window shopping for food online.

In fact, according to research by Zizzi, 18-35-year-olds spend the equivalent of five days a year browsing food images on Instagram. Interestingly, 30% in this age group said they would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram account was weak.

Are you a dab hand with a camera? Get snapping. If not, consider investing in the services of a good photographer, in particular one who specialises in social media photography.

Posting high quality Instagram and Facebook images is your opportunity to show off your dishes, draw eyes to your business and get more customers through the door.

2. Use Polls, Competitions and Interactive Experiences

Social media engagement is key in creating a gleaming customer experience. Don’t just post pretty images without giving any thought to the caption – ask your customers questions, request their opinions and encourage UGC.

Polls and competitions are a fantastic way to increase user engagement with your social posts.

Examples of effectively using a polls and competitions might include:

  • Asking your audience to vote on a Instagram or Facebook poll for a potential new dish or cocktail
  • Running a competition where users must tag a friend they would like to dine with and share your post to enter.
  • Asking users to guess your next venue location or surprise new desert ahead of unveiling it online

3. Make the most of User Generated Content

Sharing User Generated Content (UGC) shows potential customers how much people love your food. If you find yourself torn between two contender restaurants, a mouth-watering shot of a dish taken by a diner is likely to sway you.

According to Bright Local, 88% of people are influenced by online reviews and comments by fellow diners, so making the most of glowing reviews and images is important to spreading the good word about your restaurant or bar.

4. Fill Out Your Profile

Your business’s social media profile will be a first point of call for many customers. Input all the information your customers want to know: location, opening hours, contact information, cuisine type, reviews and services like “Good for Kids” and “Takeaway Available” take a few seconds to add and are incredibly valuable.

Other widgets like “Book a Table” and “Menu” tabs can also easily be added to your social pages, which is a great advantage because it minimises the number of clicks your customer has to make.

Does your restaurant have multiple branches? Facebook allows you to add multiple addresses to one page. When a customer clicks on your page, the closest branch’s address will pop up.

5. Target a Local Audience

When was the last time you travelled more than 10 miles for a meal? Unless you’re a true foodie, the answer is probably never! People who live in your town, city or borough are your target audience.

A report by NinthDecimal found retail adverts accessed on mobile phones performed best when targeted at people within a 2-5 mile radius of a store.

Start advertising to local people by making use of paid ad tools across social channels. Facebook’s “Boost Post” tool allows you to change targeting preferences for your ad to attract the right audience.

This tool allows you to boost the chances of your ad being seen by people with certain interests – for example, people who like food, Asian cuisine or cheap eats within a chosen radius.

Organic reach can be time-consuming to build, but using paid tools on Facebook and Instagram is a great strategy to improve your social presence for local users.


Many restaurants, cafes and bars have already harnessed the power of social media marketing. From delectable deserts to freshly baked bread, social channels are a great way to show off the very best of your business. With these useful tips, your social presence will continue to grow.

Want even more expertise on how to let your business shine on socials? Get in touch with Thynk Social today.

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