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We are a collective of Australian ocean protectors both on the land and in the sea. We are the Aussie Sirens.

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We are here to bring together a community of people who care for the environment and band together to set a good example for our local areas. We will educate others on how we can create a sustainable future that is at no detriment to our own fun!

With different community events including beach and ocean clean up’s, fun days out, snorkelling, mermaiding, freediving and general meet up’s, we can make the best of people’s skills and expertise for saving our seas and making a difference in our local communities.

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Mermaids, sirens and nymphs have taken their place in mythology across the world as fierce, fearless and misunderstood creatures. Something that is common across the nations, for thousands of years is that these Sirens are the protectors of the ocean. They fight, they act and they don’t back down. They protect the seas and what is contained within them from people and things that are causing it harm.

The ocean is the life support system of our planet, and the way we treat it has repercussions on all life on Earth for years to come. Unfortunately, over the last decade, we have had to come to terms with the fact that its resources are not limitless, and its vastness is not immune to human impact.

The issues we face today have caused severe environmental depression in a lot of empathetic people who care for the planet, the ocean and our earth.

Learning to Mermaid is a very enjoyable way to re-connect with the ocean and find that whimsical child-like joy of appreciating the beauty of the water. To respect what is there and find that there is still a lot left to celebrate can be life-changing!

Are you looking to further your connection to the ocean?

Explore the incredible underwater world and earn your PADI Mermaid certification.

Available for ages 6 to adult inclusive to all skill levels.

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If you’re interested in getting involved in ocean conservation or would simply like to know more about getting a Mermaid to your next event please contact us using the form below