5 Insights Into Shopping and Social Media Use During Ramadan

How does Ramadan affect shopping habits? Facebook has released insights into what social media users buy during the religious practice.

Ramadan is once again fast approaching. With 1.8 billion people observing the religious practice, Muslims everywhere are preparing too fast for 30 days. Ramadan involves not eating or drinking anything – even water – for a month beginning April 23 2020.

This year, Ramadan will be an unusual fare, as the world continues to battle against novel coronavirus COVID-19. The virus has, at the time of publication, reached 210 countries.

1. Half of Ramadan Observers Buy More During Ramadan

Facebook’s survey results showed that 52% reported buying more than usual while observing Ramadan. Extra purchases included more food for special meals and sending gifts during Eid al Fitr.

2. It’s a Good Idea to Market Products Related to Cooking, Charity and Household Duties

Ramadan is a busy time for families everywhere. Facebook’s findings suggest consumers are most interested in product suggestions that might save decision-makers time. People are most commonly responsible for cooking, donating to charity and household duties, so Facebook suggests prompts and product suggestions related to these topics.

3. Four Out of Five Observers Use Facebook Apps During Ramadan

As social distancing measures keep families and communities apart, people are increasingly turning to social media to connect with loved ones. 85% of Facebook’s global survey respondents said they use Facebook apps to communicate with friends and family during Ramadan.

Global use of Facebook  group calls has increased by 80%, and with self-isolation and quarantine measures still holding fast in many areas around the world, Muslim Facebook users are likely to flock to these platforms even more during Ramadan.

4. Shoppers are Most Open to Campaigns with Family Values

Facebook’s surveys found that while many Muslims were open to being approached by brand connections during Ramadan, they preferred content geared towards Ramadan’s core values, like family and togetherness. This approach was more popular to Ramadan observers than generic messages with thematic symbols and emojis.

5. 58% of UK Ramadan Shoppers Want to Find the Best Deals

As previously mentioned, many households shop more during Ramadan. As a result, more people are looking for money-saving methods. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers surveyed agreed Ramadan was a time to find the best deals.

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